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Integrated response management

Enable your customer service teams to  manage digital correspondence more efficiently and maximize customer service using our integrated response management software.

When you encourage a digital conversation with your customers, you need to ensure your customer-facing teams are equipped to respond to digital messages like emails, texts and web requests.

Our simple, cost effective software is designed to manage inbound digital messages, operating alongside voice management tools. The solution offers features such as standard responses, search functionality and escalation procedures.

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Manage inbound digital messages easily with our response management solution

Use our integrated response management solution to:

  • Efficiently manage inbound email
  • Track interaction between contact center/customer service agents and your customers
  • Manage user access and responsibilities
  • Standardize generic responses to frequently asked questions
  • Automate responders to assist with self-service and manage expectations
  • Configure and enforce escalation procedures
  • Produce complete electronic interaction histories per client
  • Report on agent and team performance\
  • View audit reports on system activity

Striata Multichannel Customer Communication White Paper

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