Captivate your financial services customers with an interactive statement they can actually use.

Financial services documents should provide more than just an account balance or a list of transactions. Delight your customers by providing a secure, interactive document that is easy to understand and offers the ability to execute actions or make decisions. Furthermore, the enhanced customer experience will boost your paper turn-off rates and ultimately deliver a significant reduction in your customer communication expenses.

Experience it for yourself!

Providing consent

Providing consent for future digital communication.

Secure documents

Unlocking the secure document using a shared secret.

Making payments

Making a payment on desktop or mobile.

Payment reminders

  • Choose how you want to receive the alert (SMS, email)
  • Select the alerts you want to receive (Payment, Usage)
  • Set the Alert limits/amount
  • Choose a specific date

Lodging disputes

Lodging disputes on individual line items.

Transaction details

Downloading a data file containing transaction details.

Updating details

Updating personal details from within the bill.

What some of our financial services clients have to say:


“One of the key objectives of this initiative was to enhance our service and improve investor experience. We believe the solution provided by Striata will achieve this as investors can access their documents through the internet at any time.”

Head of Digital and Education at Absa Stockbrokers.

Diners Club

“Customers found the process to be highly convenient and felt safe in the knowledge that their confidentiality had not be compromised. We have also received positive feedback to marketing campaigns included with the statements.”

Executive Director, Diners Club, excerpt from an independent research report in CRM Magazine.